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Cloud Readiness Assessments

Most of our consulting services begin here. We will help you identify how to leverage maximum benefits from a cloud solution. While each organisation is different, we see similar challenges when transitioning to a cloud environment.

We consider various aspects of your IT infrastructure such as communication, collaboration, messaging, productivity, application development and maintenance, data center and hosting requirements, security and identify management, mobile and other device connectivity and software management, to name a few.

Then we provide you with a detailed quantification of business impacts and a roadmap for how to realize economic and other business gains.


Modular Business Services

Instead of spending a significant amount of time and effort evaluating which hardware, software and applications you need to ensure your business runs smoothly, access everything you need in one place with cloud-based, modular business services and tools.

Scalable, affordable and completely flexible, we can give you almost instant access to any number of business services without the need to invest in expensive hardware and software.

Our full-feature modules are designed to stand alone or work in conjunction with other services. Some examples include but are not limited to:

  • Human Resources
  • Search
  • Full-year Calendars
  • Project & Workflow Management
  • News & Communication
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Knowledge Management

Exchange, Mailbox and Server Migration: Office 365

For many companies, the journey to enjoying cloud benefits starts with a migration to Office 365 because their current, on-premises infrastructure can no longer support business needs. By using automated tools and processes, we ensure this migration is seamless and cost-effective.

Office 365 allows users to access a full suite of services from anywhere, from any internet connected device or even offline, streamlining communication and increasing productivity. Instead of buying individual Office products to be installed on single machines, Office 365 is a subscription service which never becomes out-of-date or obsolete.


Application Virtualisation

As on-premises infrastructure ages, maintaining adequate computing capacity and minimizing ongoing operational costs become critical concerns. We move your mission-critical and other key business applications to the Cloud, reducing your total IT costs — while providing superior flexibility and scalability.

For some organisations, a hybrid cloud / on-premises infrastructure offers the maximum benefit. We help you determine your best options.


Cloud Managed Services

We know many internal IT departments lack the bandwidth or expertise to manage and maintain cloud infrastructure. We provide ongoing support to keep performance high and costs low, even in a hybrid cloud / on-premises infrastructure.

Cloud Backup, Storage and Business Continuity

All organisations need to ensure their data is secure and accessible — and operate during any IT-related disruption. We provide a comprehensive service that automatically ensures all key information is continuously backed up and creates redundancy so you can still operate during a disruption.

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SAUE combines academic theory, strategic thinking and emerging technologies to provide innovative solutions that consistently break new grounds for our clients.

We deliver high-quality work through our focus on bidirectional communication, responsive customer service, accurate project management, product quality and an ethical approach to business. We have a well-documented track record of performing work on budget and on agreed target timescales.

We have successfully assisted our clients with the challenges and complexities of delivering complex deployment projects. Our absolute commitment is to provide a delightful experience for our customers.