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Our Origins

Our origins

SAUE was established in 2011 on the solid foundation of academic theory and with a motivation for helping people do more with new technology.

Since then we have established a reputable business providing clients with Consulting, Deployment and Alignment & Integration Services to help them achieve their organisational objectives and remain competitive.

We are passionate about helping our customers meet their business requirements and reduce their IT costs by strategically implementing emerging internet, data and cloud technologies. That part remains a key part of our culture to this day.

hands holding puzzle pieces

Over the years, our methodology and tools have evolved to incorporate the latest academic, technological and real-world insights in how to best support our clients.

Like many innovative startup companies, we started small — just one client and two technically talented entrepreneurs. Six years in, we are pleased to say we have worked with more than 50 fantastic organisations as clients.

We have evolved and grown — now more than 70 people work with us. We’re very proud that many of the individuals we work with today were with us in those early days and that we continue to count them as colleagues, clients and friends.