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Full Year Calendar

Full Year Calendar

Full Year Calendar Add-in for SharePoint and Office 365

One of the problems facing individuals and organisations is how to display vast amounts of content at a quick glance. Most turn to Excel spreadsheets, which are cumbersome to share or circulate via email without losing version control or context.

Out of the box, SharePoint does not provide a full year view calendar.

The Full Year Calendar developed by SAUE LTD addresses this problem by providing a full year calendar on a single page. It installs into existing SharePoint 2013, 2016 or Office environments, allowing businesses and teams to effectively manage their time, upcoming events and projects.

If you have unique requirements, we can build you a customised version.

Full Year Calendar Example Uses

  • View time-off, annual leave and absence management
  • Share projects plans in a format that others can view, enhancing collaboration, productivity and accuracy
  • Manage school events, half term holidays, etc.
  • Send a web page rather than an email attachment to store and track team events
  • Plan two, three or five years ahead by navigating through yearly calendar views
  • Event management – training diets, conferences, workshops, etc.

Full Year Calendar Features and Benefits

  • See all events in a year at a glance on a single web page
  • Edit events quickly in a familiar Microsoft Office interface, no additional training required
  • Colour code calendar events based on category
  • View events by year, month, week or day
  • Easily view events from previous months or years by simply navigating between years
  • Easily search for calendar items using SharePoint search engine
  • No more emailing spreadsheets or wondering which version is the most current
  • Single version of truth – simply email a web address
  • All information and documents in one place, on a web page
  • Increases productivity and frees up time to focus on other tasks
  • All information is searchable and remains in SharePoint
  • Grant or restrict access to content based on SharePoint security
  • Optional support available

How to Get the Full Year Calendar & Pricing Overview

Pricing overview 

  • From £1.99 per user monthly subscription (cancel anytime with no obligations)
  • £20 per user yearly subscription (special introductory offer)
  • Enterprises licence available from £499 for unlimited use

There are two options to get the Full Year Calendar:

  • From the Microsoft Office App Store. Microsoft engineers validated and certified the app before it was accepted and published on the Microsoft Office Store


To install the Full Year Calendar, you need either SharePoint 2013, 2016 or Office 365. If you don’t have any of these, SAUE LTD can host it for you. Please note there will be a one-off £10 set up costs for the most basic implementation.

If you would like to use your own domain name or synchronise the Full Year Calendar with your own network so users can login with their network credentials, please Contact Us.