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Delve is an MS Office 365 visualization and discovery tool that enables users to easily find the files and information most relevant to them, plus connect, share and collaborate with other users.

Delve is a cloud-based service powered by Office Graph, which collects and analyses user activity so it knows which content is most likely to be of interest to each user. Delve pulls information from integrated Microsoft products such as OneDrive, SharePoint, Exchange and Yammer.

With a simple click, users instantly access recent files, connect with other users, update personal profiles and much more.

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Personalized Profile Page

Each user in your organisation receives a personalized profile page that displays a mix of content including recently accessed documents, colleague profiles and suggested content.

The profile page includes menus and search functions for finding previously accessed content, including viewed, shared, liked or modified documents.

You can also add content such as Office documents, PDFs, SharePoint Sites, OneNote sections, images, email attachments and videos to a Favorites page so you’ll always have quick access.


Delve makes collaboration a snap because it knows when different users are updating the same files. It displays those files in each user’s profile page so each user can see who worked on it and when.

Delve displays documents as content cards, which include the title, photo and most recent activity to help users understand why that document may be relevant to them.

Simply click on a person to see what they are working on or discover which content people around you are frequently accessing. You can also add documents to boards, for example, a project board, that are visible to others who have access to those documents.


Easily reach out to colleagues in Delve by simply clicking on a profile or search by skills, projects, education or other information they may have in their profiles.

You can connect via email, phone or Skype. Delve can even tell you if the person is out of the office or when their calendar has availability.

Users can like each other’s content, which further enhances communication and collaboration.

Personalized Profile Page


Secure and Private

Users can only see content they already have access to — Delve does not change existing permission settings in Office 365.

Only you can see your private documents unless you decide to share them. Other users also cannot see your private activities, including emails you’ve sent and received, documents you’ve read or Skype conversations.

Only users who have access to a document can see if you’ve modified it. If you add a document to a board, only those who already had access to it can see it.