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About SAUE

About SAUE

We are a digital innovations consultancy. Since our formation in 2011, we have supported some of the world’s most powerful businesses, working at the heart of their most challenging projects.

Our values are built on a solid foundation of academic theory and real-world experience.

We combine strategic thinking and emerging technologies to provide innovative solutions that consistently and continuously break new grounds for our clients.

A unique approach

We work across a range of sectors for clients, including multinationals and household names. We support them across a number of different services, but  we are best known for:

Helping clients create a vision of the future, implementing transformational technology to deliver that vision for your organisation, and getting the most from your people through training and change management.

When we started out we had just one client and two people. Six years in, we have worked with more than 50 fantastic organisations as clients and we have more than 70 people in our organisation. We’re very proud that many of the individuals we work with today were with us in those early days and that we continue to count them as colleagues, clients and friends.

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Organic growth

We’ve deliberately managed our growth over the years to make sure we retain the values and culture that make us different.

We’ve done this by growing organically rather than through acquisition delivering high-quality work, developing long-term client relationships, and creating a distinctive style of working and set of values.

These are not just words on a slide — rather they are part of the fabric of how we do business.

Global experience

We go where our clients take us and over the years we have travelled to all corners of the globe to help companies.

This means having experienced a wide variety of cultures — and like no other, we understand and appreciate the impact culture (organisational and national) has on innovation success.

The key to helping clients is our systemic approach, and our methods and tools we have developed to address a wide variety of strategy and digital innovation challenges.

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