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12 of the Greatest Microsoft Office 365 Features


Microsoft Office 365 is the cloud version of Microsoft Office. Pretty much everyone has experience with Microsoft Office, making 365 easy and familiar to use.

Office 365 offers a plethora of useful features:

  1.  Real Time Co-Authoring

Once you’ve shared a file with co-workers, you can collaborate and make edits, at the same time. This function is applicable across Word, PowerPoint and Excel — the changes are made in real time, so you can get work done quicker and more efficiently.

  1. Sharing Links Via The Cloud

Once you’ve uploaded your files to the OneDrive Cloud, you can easily share the link via email or embed in documents. Rather than attaching the file, you can share the link and edit the permissions granted to recipients. Office 365 will automatically give access permission to anyone included in the email, but can be adjusted at your convenience.

  1. Converting OneNote Items to Calendar Events

OneNote is a simple note-taking function with an exciting feature. Notes can be converted to tasks in your calendar and assigned to colleagues or yourself. Tasks can be prioritized based on importance or assigned a due date.

  1. Power Map Data Visualization

Power Maps is an amazing feature paired with Excel, to truly bring data to life. If your data is geographic in nature, you can convert rows of data into into 3D interactive maps. Even without any programming or graphic design experience, you can quickly turn your data into a compelling, visual story.

  1. Working With PDFs

Converting your documents into PDF is a simple enough function. The real kicker is the ability to reconvert back to a Word Doc and make changes, without the typical formatting issues.

  1. “Resume Reading” in Word

The Resume Reading function is just like a bookmark. If you’re working on a particularly long document, you can easily pick up right where you left off.

  1. Offline Working Capabilities

Working anywhere, anytime has never been easier! Changes are saved offline and automatically updated once you go back online. The changes will also be saved and updated across all your online devices.

  1. Responsive Web Design

Office 365 has a responsive, adaptive interface for any device, whether you’re working from your phone, tablet or computer. For optimal performance, download the the Office Mobile Apps for accessibility on the go.

  1. Planner to Optimize Work Flow

Planner is an excellent project management tool for teams. It allows team members to manage workflow by creating plans, assigning tasks, sharing files, tracking progress and setting due dates. There is a visual dashboard to manage progress, as well as a function for important email notifications.

  1. Inbox De-Clutter Function

Your inbox just got a whole lot smarter! Based on your usage habits, your inbox will sort your mail so the most important messages appear at the top of your inbox. It also filters spam or clutter messages to a separate “Clutter” folder, to be viewed at your leisure.

  1. Unlimited Storage

OneDrive offers unlimited storage to Office 365 users! Gone are the days of worrying about capped data storage in the cloud or on a hard drive.
Microsoft Office 365 will change the way you view technology, do business and enhance productivity. Are you making the most of the resources available to you?

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